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With the 2012 Presidential election now over, many disgruntled voters who wanted a Romney win, are
now threatening to leave the country for Canada. Every four years, Americans threaten this move if
their candidate doesn’t win. The majority of these threats are a joke, however, Canada is taking it very
seriously. They have heightened security at their border, including hiring over 12 new border security
agents to help patrol over 3,000 miles.

One American who followed through with his threat is Steve West. In 2008 he threatened to move to
Canada if Barack Obama was elected. Being naturally stubborn, and painfully prideful, Mr. West packed
his bags and moved to Regina, Saskatchewan because “Toronto had too many brown people and there’s
only one in Regina”.

But many Canadians see Americans in the same way that many Americans see Mexicans. Canadian
politician Dick Canuck told Milk the Bull, “We’ve worked hard to be just like America, except without all
the dumb Americans. If they start moving up here, I’m moving to Greenland”.



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