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A crowd of almost 1 million turned out in Washington D.C. to hear President Obama’s inaugural speech on the historic Martin Luther King Jr.Day, but instead they heard a tangent about a Quentin Tarantino movie.

“Just as Dr. King marched forward many years ago in America,” said President Obama, “We as Americans must move onward through hard times. Kind of like Django when him and that German man blew up their cart to get away from those slave owners. Or like that time when Django tricked those Australians into giving them their guns and then shooting them. That was pretty cool too. Or even like that other time when Django shot up dozens upon dozens of slave drivers and then blew up the mansion. That was pretty sweet. Jamie Foxx is something, isn’t he folks?”

The crowd grew silent for a few seconds and then erupted into a standing ovation. One crowd-goer said, “We usually don’t like presidents talking about something so trivial, but it was pretty cool when he was talking about guns and blowin’ up shit.”



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