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“I thought we were close, but it turns out I’m not on the same cycle as any of them,” said Jessica Davenport as she clicks through her friends’ Facebook photos. “Just the other day I had brunch with Olivia and we had such an amazing time. She told me how her and this new guy she is dating took their first weekend trip together. It just sounded so special. Afterwards we got our nails done at this fabulous place on the east-side.”

“Then, a week later, I happen to be in her restroom and I noticed a used tampon. She’s definitely cycling with Lauren behind my back. It was the exact same time of the month and even the same brand of tampon. I mean, sure, Lauren is nice…sometimes, but we all know that she can be a passive-aggressive bitch. I’m definitely going to confront her about this at the baby-shower next week.”



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