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“The great thing about cross-country is that my best friend Connor is joining, but the best part about baseball is that there is no exercising whatsoever. I can sit on the bench for hours and people will call me an athlete,” said 6th grader, Dylan Walker.

Dylan continued to talk about his father who is also overweight, “And on top of that my dad will smile and tell me how proud he is of his son being an athlete. Then he will go on for a solid 30 minutes on how you don’t have to be a skinny sack of bones like LeBron James or Adrian Peterson. ‘Practically anorexic’ is what he calls them. Then he will tell me how it’s completely okay to have a ‘broad shoulder figure’ like John Daly.”

“Then after a game, if I play well dad will hand me a real protein shake. But after the first game or two he usually starts taking me to McDonald’s for chocolate shakes. He says that they still technically have protein in them despite their lack of actual dairy,” said Dylan.

“Maybe Connor will want to join baseball instead after I tell him how good chocolate shakes are!”



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